Holton Physics 124

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  • Khan Videos are usually less than 15 minutes.
  • Riggs Videos are 40 minutes, but he usually starts with going over his class's homework....
Week One: Introduction View these videos Paul Hewitt Physics Introduction * (30min) A Plus Video (7 min)  
Week Two: Electric Charges, Forces, and Fields Ch 19 Khan I (14 min)
Khan II (14 min)
Riggs I (40min)
Riggs II (40min)


Week 3: Electric Potential and Potential Energy Ch 20 Khan I ( 13min)
Khan II ( 9 min)

Riggs (40 min)

Week 4:Electric Current and DC Circuits Ch 21

Khan I (14min)
Khan II (12min)
Khan III (12min)
Khan IV (7min)

Riggs 1 (start at 15:25)
Riggs II (40 min)

Week 5: Test 1 19-21, start Magnetism

practice test with soln      
Week 6:Magnetism and Induction Ch 22
Ch 23
Khan: Intro to Magnetism 12 (lots of videos) Riggs 1
Riggs 2
Riggs 3
Riggs 4
Riggs 4
Riggs 5
Week 7:Geometric Optics Ch 26 Khan: Specular until the last video on the list Riggs 1
Riggs 2
Riggs 3
Riggs 4
Week 8:Geometric Optics (cont'd)  
Week 9:Optical Instruments Ch 27      
Week 10:Physical Optics Ch 28      
Week 11: Test 2 22-28: Relativity Practice Test with solns. Practice Test w/soln PDF    
Week 12:Quantum Physics        
Week 13:Atomic Physics        
Week 14:Nuclear Physics Practice Test 3 Practice Test 3 PDF    
Week 15:Test 3 29-32: Review for Final        

* This video is 25 years old, but Paul does a wonderful job of explaining why we should study physics.



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