AP Physics 1 (formerly first half of AP Physics B)

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AP Physics 1 Preparation

AP Physics B Review Book with lots questions

Kinmatics Concept MC

Newton Concept MC

Circular Motion Centripetal Force MC

Momentum MC

Work and Energy MC

Rotation MC

DC Circuits MC


Textbook PowerPoints are located on PPT Page in menu on right

  • Khan Videos and A Plus Videos are usually less than 15 minutes.
  • Riggs Videos are 40 minutes, but he usually starts with going over his class's homework....
Week One: Introduction View these videos Paul Hewitt Physics Introduction * (30min) A Plus Video (7 min) Powers of Ten
Week Two: One Dimensional Kinematics (Ch 2)

A Plus Video: Defining Motion


A Plus Video: Graphing Motion A Plus Video: Equations
A Plus Video: Freefall

Kahn Academy

Week 3: Two Dimension Kinematics (Ch3)

A Plus Video: Projectile Motion


A Plus Video: Problem A A Plus Video Problem B Khan Academy
Week 4:Finish Kinematics PRACTICE TEST PDF Vectors: physics classroom

Week 5:Newton's Laws

Practice Test(RTF)
Practice Test (PDF)

  How to Write Lab Report  
Week 6Newton's Laws      
Week 7: AP1:GravPractice Test with Answers    
Week 8: Practice Test Energy, Gravitation, Centripetal Practice Test PDF (no soln) Answers to MC  
Week 9:        
Week 10: Practice Test Ch 7 and 8 Practice 7 and 8 PDF    
Week 11:   Practice Momentum    
Week 12:        
Week 13: Practice Rotation Another Book Rotation Chapter    
Week 14:        
Week 15:        
Week 16:        
Week 17: Practice Electrostatics Free Response Problems Practice Electrostatics Multiple Choice Problems    
Week 18: Practice Test for DC Circuits      

* This video is 25 years old, but Paul does a wonderful job of explaining why we should study physics.



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